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Re: You Want Evidence of Contact? Here It Is.....

In article <5a6ojn$5cr@news1.io.org> yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
>Howard Olson (holson@california.com) wrote:
>:       The "Diffusionist" label is used by authoritarian dogmatists in the
>: Archeology establishment to suppress inquiry into the truth. Frankly,
>: diffusion is NOT the only possibility to explain common artifacts etc,
>: and this disarms the charges of racism implicit in attacks on
>: Diffusion.
>Well, the charges of "racism", or of Eurocentrism -- whatever -- are
>probably quite relevant to some of the current wave of Isolationists who
>are posting furiously their half-baked apologies for the prevailing dogma
>in these threads. 
>Indeed, according to them it is completely and utterly _absurd_ that the
>native Americans could have contributed maize to the world _before_ the
>"mighty" Europeans came around and did it for them! 
>Check out the arrogant sarcasm of Peter v. R. if you want to see some
>Eurocentrism in action...

When did I ever say that, "it is completely and utterly _absurd_ that th>
native Americans could have contributed maize to the world _before_ the
'mighty' Europeans came around and did it for them!"?  I'll tell you
when I said this - NEVER.

What I have always maintained and I've said this many times is that
Old/New World contacts were possible but that I had not seen good evidence
that they did occur.  That's the difference between me and you, I need
good solid evidence not convoluted arguments built on a few bits of
circumstantial evidence which have equally plausible alternate 

Also note that I have also maintained that New World pops. were able
to develop cultures equally interesting as any which the Old World
produced.  So this makes me a Eurocentrist/racist does it?  Who is
the one now throwing out baseless accusations Yuri?

>:       Obviously , a previous culture that was obliterated could explain odd
>: distributions of artifacts and crops. In fact the whole diffusion
>: issue may be just a smokescreen to cut off debate about very early
>: advanced Global culture...
>Well, vague outlines of something like this may be emerging now from the
>obscurity of lost, suppressed, and deliberately misinterpreted history.

Yuri if you really believe that archaeologists are a bunch of liars
then why do you read anything by us at all?  If we're really a bunch
of liars then you can't believe anything we say.  Talk about your lack
of logical thinking.

So now do you believe that there is some previous lost global culture
whose evidence has been covered up by archaeologists?  That's what
Mr. Olson obviously believes in.

Peter van Rossum

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