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Re: You Want Evidence of Contact? Here It Is.....

On 29 Dec 1996 21:42:15 GMT, yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:

>Howard Olson (holson@california.com) wrote:
>: 	The "Diffusionist" label is used by authoritarian dogmatists in the
>: Archeology establishment to suppress inquiry into the truth. Frankly,
>: diffusion is NOT the only possibility to explain common artifacts etc,
>: and this disarms the charges of racism implicit in attacks on
>: Diffusion.
>Well, the charges of "racism", or of Eurocentrism -- whatever -- are
>probably quite relevant to some of the current wave of Isolationists who
>are posting furiously their half-baked apologies for the prevailing dogma
>in these threads. 

I don't know any Isolationists Yuri -- who has claimed that corner then?

>Indeed, according to them it is completely and utterly _absurd_ that the
>native Americans could have contributed maize to the world _before_ the
>"mighty" Europeans came around and did it for them! 

Hm, I'm missing a lot it seems, must try another news server, as I haven't
seen any posts claiming this either.  The posts I've seen have been about
archaeological evidence, or the lack thereof.  

>Check out the arrogant sarcasm of Peter v. R. if you want to see some
>Eurocentrism in action...

I remember when you were condemning name calling and bringing in personalities
(2 days ago, or was it 3? -- how time flies).  Have you changed your mind?


A lot of the problem seems to be that your interests are not basically
archaeological, and I suspect that your knowledge of archaeology is pretty
shakey.  I don't know this, but nothing on your web site shows any interest in
archaeology, and I have no reason to believe you have any practical experience
of it or have read much about it.  

Saying this is NOT an attack, just a comment.  It must affect the way you
handle what you have read and deal with the discussion.

>Well, vague outlines of something like this may be emerging now from the
>obscurity of lost, suppressed, and deliberately misinterpreted history.

Although this sort of thing must happen from time to time, it doesn't happen
on the scale you seem to think it does.  This is also reminiscent of your
comments on chicken bones, which you claimed were really only Carter's
comments that you were repeating.  The problem with this approach is that
those who take it usually treat anyone who disagrees with them as the enemy
and a conspirator trying to hide the truth. Tain't so, Yuri.
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