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Re: maize in Europe and India: a twisted tale

In article <5a6q78$5cr@news1.io.org> yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
>I have replied to the stuff Peter posted from Sauer. For those not in the
>know, Jonathan Sauer is far from being an objective commentator. He is
>strongly inclined to reject all diffusionist theories. His critique of
>Johannessen demonstrates this. 

I'm going to take a day or so off before replying to the rest of your
posts.  What with all the name calling, erroneous statements and false 
accusations you have recently hurled at me I will take my time so
as to hopefully bring this discussion back from the sewer in which
you are miring it.

But why do you claim that Sauer is not an objective commentator?  Is
it because he disagrees with your position?  Let's keep in mind that
Jonathan Sauer's father was Carl Sauer.  Carl Sauer put out many articles
in the 1950s and 1960s supporting diffusionist interpretations of the
distribution of various plants and animals.  The dedication in Jonathan
Sauer is directly aimed to his father about whom he says, "In memory of
Carl O. Sauer, my first and longest tenured geography teacher."

Given that Carl Sauer often published articles in support of diffusionist
interpretations and Jonathan Sauer apparently has great respect for his
father isn't it reasonable to assume that if he had any bias it would most
likely be to lean TO the diffusionist side rather than away from it?

But no, not in your opinion.  Since Jonathan Sauer puts out alternatives
which at are at odds with yours you immediately claim he has an axe to 

So I see it, I'm a liar, Doug Weller's a liar, Paul Pettennude, Thomas
Burglin, Jeffrey Baker, etc. - all liars.  The vast majority of 
archaeologists (at least any who don't support diffusionist interpretations)
- liars.  Jonathan Sauer - liar.

That's a lot of accusations from one who claims to want to leave 
personalities out of the discussion and just debate the issues.

Peter van Rossum