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Re: You Want Evidence of Contact? Here It Is.....

Howard Olson (holson@california.com) wrote:

: 	The "Diffusionist" label is used by authoritarian dogmatists in the
: Archeology establishment to suppress inquiry into the truth. Frankly,
: diffusion is NOT the only possibility to explain common artifacts etc,
: and this disarms the charges of racism implicit in attacks on
: Diffusion.

Well, the charges of "racism", or of Eurocentrism -- whatever -- are
probably quite relevant to some of the current wave of Isolationists who
are posting furiously their half-baked apologies for the prevailing dogma
in these threads. 

Indeed, according to them it is completely and utterly _absurd_ that the
native Americans could have contributed maize to the world _before_ the
"mighty" Europeans came around and did it for them! 

Check out the arrogant sarcasm of Peter v. R. if you want to see some
Eurocentrism in action...

: 	Obviously , a previous culture that was obliterated could explain odd
: distributions of artifacts and crops. In fact the whole diffusion
: issue may be just a smokescreen to cut off debate about very early
: advanced Global culture...

Well, vague outlines of something like this may be emerging now from the
obscurity of lost, suppressed, and deliberately misinterpreted history.


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