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Re: Yuri's smoking guns (was: Testing Gourd Diffusion?

> As regards this ref:
> : >C. Johannessen, and A. Parker, MAIZE EARS SCULPTURED IN 12TH AND 13TH
> : >BOTANY, 1989, 43(2): 164-180. 
> : Yuri, this isn't new...we discussed it about a year ago in this very
> : newsgroup and found it less than convincing...take a look at the 
> : posts in DejaNews before dragging it up again, please.
> Well, I've just wasted more than an hour looking for this mythical
> discussion in DejaNews and could not find anything. Thanks for sending me
> on a wild goose chase, friend... 

Well, isn't that fun to hear that from you.  Now you understand
other people's response when you say that they should look
things up in dejaNews.

> : I, for one, am getting tired of this.  Not because I think the topic isn't
> : interesting, because it is.  Its because the standards of evidence you
> : use are so poor. 
> You just demonstrated how high _your standards of evidence_ are! I sure
> do get tired of uninformed and misleading opinions tossed at me by people
> like you! Yes, indeed...
Well, actually, didn't you read my post a few issues ago,
this was also published in Nature, and a very convincing 
rejection of this whole thing was published a few issues
later, nobody ever cites that.
So, rather that slandering other people (which you accuse
other people of doing constantly), how about you getting

Best wishes
Thomas Burglin