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Re: Yuri's smoking guns (was: Testing Gourd Diffusion?

Douglas Weller (dweller@ramtops.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: On 29 Dec 1996 21:20:16 GMT, yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:
: >Douglas Weller (dweller@ramtops.demon.co.uk) wrote:

: >: Perhaps you owe others an apology, Yuri? After all, there was a notice
: >on the : Dejanews pages about this which you obviously missed, and we all
: >know what you : think about people who miss something in a post! 
: >
: >Well, today's search of DejaNews revealed that, up to Oct. 96, in the
: >newsgroup sci.archaeology.mesoamerican, there were
: >
: >0 hits for the keyword "johannessen" and
: >
: >1 hit for the keywords "economic botany" (in a post by J. Baker, this
: >summer) -- unrelated to the recent discussion. 
: >
: >Perhaps the apologies should be going the other way after all?

: Why? Are you accusing people of lying about the discussion?  It took place,
: although I'm almost positive 'johannessen' wasn't in the subject field. I
: don't know why you didn't try maize, I don't know why you didn't try
: sci.archaeology.  It might have been too far back for dejanews, but it
: definitely occurred!

You guys are just so phony!

So I did go to DejaNews again and did the search you suggested -- for 2
years! Nothing! 

There was some not very interesting discussion about cotton, that's all I
could find... And you mean you discussed Johannessen's work seriously
_without_ mentioning Johannessen? How's this for a non sequitur?!

This is the kind of know-it-alls I have to deal with...

Your basic incompetence is evident even from the fact that it would have
taken you only a few minutes to do this search yourself -- instead of
making a complete fool of yourself...

Holiday greetings,


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