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Re: Atawallpa was no chicken (It was Re: chicken in America: from

> Domingo Martinez-Castilla (agdndmc@showme.missouri.edu) wrote:
> : (Followups limited to sci.archaeology.mesoamerican,sci.archaeology)
> : This note presents some data on the meaning of the Kechwa (the Inca
> language) : term "wallpa", which as a noun today means "chicken" o, more
> commonly, "hen". 
> : For starters, the names of Atawallpa (commonly spelled Atahualpa), his
> brother : Inti Titu Kusi Wallpa (who changed his name into Waskar after
> claiming the : title of Inca, or emperor), and his other brother Tupac
> Wallpa, have : absolutely nothing to do with chickens or any other birds. 
> So? Some people think chickens have something to do with their names, and
> some people think they doesn't... Who's the judge? 
Well, obvious conclusion, it's not a valid argument for the whole
issue if it can't be decided one way or another.