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Re: Yuri's smoking guns (was: Testing Gourd Diffusion?

On 22 Dec 1996, Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:

> Jeffrey L Baker (jbaker@gas.uug.arizona.edu) wrote:

> : The REAL "smoking gun" keeps changing. For awhile it was the gourd,
> Incorrect. It was never the gourd. If you care about your credibility, I
> encourage you to produce evidence where I said otherwise.
> : then 
> : the coconut,
> Incorrect again. It was never the coconut. If you care about your
> credibility, I encourage you to produce evidence where I said otherwise. 
> : most recently the chicken.
> Another false statement. I never said so.

Yuri appears to have a short memory. I haven't bothered to check on the 
coconut or the gourd, but here is what he said on the chicken. On Dec. 12 
he posted a message on the thread "Re: Smoking Guns? Yes" that included 
the following quote:

"Carter marshals VERY IMPRESSIVE EVIDENCE that the chicken was indeed 
known and WIDELY SPREAD pre-Columbus. If this is true -- THIS WILL BE THE 

> : Now it appears that he is going to
> : use maize. Let me guess, there are pieces of art in India that have 
> : objects that resemble maize?
> Correct. 
> : This proposition has been thoroughly 
> : debunked in a number of articles (and in this newsgroup).
> Incorrect. This evidence has not been mentioned here yet. This is fairly
> recent research that was published in late 80s. 

Yes it has. Not by you, but the subject of maize was discussed on 
sci.archaeology a year or two ago.

I have seen one reference that purports to find evidence for maize in 
India that was published ca. 1992. Nothing new in that article, that 
hadn't been criticized before.

> It's coming. The reason I delay offering it for discussion is because I
> want to finish up with the discussion of the chickens. One thing at a time
> is preferable to me, as I, for the most part alone, have to contend with
> many determined and unforgiving critics, many of whom use unethical
> strategies of distortion and malicious and deceitful accusation.
> Distortion is clearly evidenced in this very post I'm replying to from
> you, Jeffrey. 

The chicken is dead and cooked. No smoking gun there. Bring on the next 
course Yuri.

Jeff Baker