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Re: Testing Gourd Diffusion?

In article <59ecs3$gaj@news1.io.org>, yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:
>p.s.  Actually, the relevance of the gourd to this debate has now
>diminished significantly in my eyes. This is because now I DO HAVE the
>REAL "smoking gun" for trans-pacific diffusion. You guys complained
>rightly that I did not cite the latest scientific literature on these
>subjects. But you will most likely regret that you complained so loudly
>about it... Because now I have some hot recent stuff. It relates to maize.
>You will see this here soon. Our "American isolationists" may already
>start to fear and tremble... 

I am trembling.... not. I am never scared about the truth.  If the infomation 
does not come from an original research of yours, could you please share the 
references with us so that we can illustrate ourselves before mobbing you with 
unfounded objections?  I would rather have founded ones.

That would be most appreciated. If the info is secondary, it is not only 
unnecessary, but rather suspect, that you do not share it with this newsgroup 
beforehand.  Of course, there is always the distinct possibility that you may 
have decided that you got a "smoking gun" before you have thoroughly examined 
the reference.  I really hope that is not the case, because you risk putting 
yourself again in the spotlight half-dressed, or even naked at all.

Please allow me (and perhaps others) to be really skeptic about 
your announcement (it almost sounded like a schoolyard threat).  You have 
produced one "smoking gun" after another.  In every case, they have been 
beaten really bad by strong scientiifc arguments.  In every case as well, you 
have filled the screen with words like "scholarly" and "respectable" when 
refferring to the very few sources you base your beliefs on.  And in very few 
cases (usually when the argument has already been shred to pieces) you seem to 
recant and accept that, yeah, it is not that strong after all.

Give us the sources of your new smoking gun, please.



P.S.  And yes, Denial... is just a river in Africa (Stuart Smiley).

Domingo Martinez-Castilla