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Re: Yuri's smoking guns (was: Testing Gourd Diffusion?

Jeffrey L Baker (jbaker@gas.uug.arizona.edu) wrote:

: Yuri appears to have a short memory. I haven't bothered to check on the 
: coconut or the gourd, but here is what he said on the chicken. On Dec. 12 
: he posted a message on the thread "Re: Smoking Guns? Yes" that included 
: the following quote:

: "Carter marshals VERY IMPRESSIVE EVIDENCE that the chicken was indeed 
: known and WIDELY SPREAD pre-Columbus. If this is true -- THIS WILL BE THE 


Well, at least you tried to substantiate your allegation that is
incorrect. As anyone familiar with scholarly standards of objectivity
would appreciate, my statement was carefully qualified, and thus on the
level. I made no false or excessive claims, and I have nothing to retract
or to apologize for. 

On the other hand, you feel quite free to make strange and unfounded
allegations, it seems, and you do not acknowledge it when your errors are



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