On Chickens and Maize

A partial archive of discussions
on alleged pre-Columbian trans-oceanic diffusion
in sci.archaeology.mesoamerican and sci.archaeology

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  In view of the recurring discussions on pre-Columbian diffusion in the sci.archaeology.mesoamerican and related newsgroups, I have decided to set up a partial web archive with many of the posts submitted approximately between December 1996 and February 1997 (except when noted).;

Please note that I do not sustain this to be, in any way, a complete or unbiased listing, and that I have built it from my archives, which were not kept with the purpose of publishing them.

I am not assuming the task of updating this archive, but I will consider adding some posts that I may have not archived, depending on my availability of time.

Domingo Martínez Castilla
6 June 1997
6 May 1998
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