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Re: Ad Yurii Gloriam (Was Re: maize in ancient india: strong transpacific links are indicated)

Eva Kifri (ek@idiom.com) wrote:
: Yuri Kuchinsky (yuku@io.org) wrote:

: : Lets try this. You go to the bookstore to buy a certain book. Would
your : : chances of finding this book be better if you were actually
looking for it : : in the bookstore? Or -- if you were wandering
aimlessly among the isles : : waiting for that book to fall off its shelf
into your lap -- by itself? 

: : Think about it and let me know about the outcome of your

:       No Yuri, your analogy is flawed. Let's try to fix it up so that
:       you may understand.
:       You go to the bookstore to discover what books they have. You
:       walk along the stacks inch by inch working methodically to
:       catalogue each title and it's precise location. After you have
:       spent hours (weeks, years) in this painstakingly recording the
:       contents and arrangement of this bookstore, I ask you if you
:       found XYZ book there. You say they haven't got it. I say "But
:       you don't know because you weren't looking for it. Go start
:       again."
:       Think about it and let me know the outcome of your deliberations
:       -eva

Hey, Eva,

I said "you go to the bookstore". I didn't say "you buy the bookstore".

Are you always so humour-challenged?

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