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Re: Ad Yurii Gloriam (Was Re: maize in ancient india: strong transpacific links are indicated)

Yuri Kuchinsky (yuku@io.org) wrote:
: Douglas Weller (dweller@ramtops.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: : On 13 Jan 1997 13:37:41 GMT, yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:

: : Yuri, no one has to look for them, if they are there they will be
: obvious! We : had this discussion before about chicken bones. Whenever
: archaeologists dig : they examine everything they find, and they'd be
: noticed. 

: Doug, with all due respect, I find your reasoning hopelessly flawed.

: Lets try this. You go to the bookstore to buy a certain book. Would your
: chances of finding this book be better if you were actually looking for it
: in the bookstore? Or -- if you were wandering aimlessly among the isles
: waiting for that book to fall off its shelf into your lap -- by itself?

: Think about it and let me know about the outcome of your deliberations...

: Regards,
: Yuri
        No Yuri, your analogy is flawed. Let's try to fix it up so that
        you may understand.
        You go to the bookstore to discover what books they have. You
        walk along the stacks inch by inch working methodically to
        catalogue each title and it's precise location. After you have
        spent hours (weeks, years) in this painstakingly recording the
        contents and arrangement of this bookstore, I ask you if you
        found XYZ book there. You say they haven't got it. I say "But
        you don't know because you weren't looking for it. Go start
        Think about it and let me know the outcome of your deliberations