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Re: Who Is George Carter? Answered

I requested Mr Cole permission to post this in the mesoamerican newsgroup, as 
it is of obvious interest as coming from somebody that knows George Carter.

>From: fcattus@aol.com (Fcattus)
>Subject: Who Is George Carter? Answered
>Date: 27 Dec 1996 07:42:01 GMT
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George is a geographer who trained under Karl Sauer and is renowned for
his claims for A/TransPacific contact and biological flow of PreColumbian
traits and species to the New World from the Old and B/his claims for
humans in the Americas "Earlier than You Think" (Title of one of his
books) such as "Texas Street" in San Diego.  I have long considered George
a friend and a friendly adversary (and vice versa, I think!); he is a
nice, thoroughly committed guy who must be pushing or passing 90 (haven't
heard from him for several years). And he accepts EVERY cranky claim
(almost) which supports his views, altho I have argued in print and
personally that he hurts his case by doing so.  I showed convincing
evidence that one "Early MAn in America" claim was totally bogus, and his
response was to keep using it because, he told me, "The claim was made
honestly, and we can't even get to first base if we subject claims to that
kind of scrutiny."  (My response then and now is that amazing claims may
be true, and they especially need gimlet-eyed analyses by
skeptics--otherwise they will never be substantiated!) He was satisfied
with the idea that a lot of possibilities added up to a probability...  I
am not.  Meanwhile, I respect George Carter but not "Carterfacts" (a term
even HE uses, shaking his head at us beknighted critics). 

He is Professor Emeritus of Geography and Anthropology at Texas A&M. Steve
Jett and Carl Johannson are a couple of his more prominent younger
(60-70?) students (from CA days, I think).

--John R. Cole

Domingo Martinez Castilla