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Re: Yuri's Credibility Problem


Thank you for pointing out the partial and prejudiced nature of certain
postings by certain parties in these ngs of late. Some people are ruled by
mob instincts unfortunately. Perhaps they think they found an easy victim
they can jump on? Time will show... 

Hey, I don't take these things personally. I only get upset when
schoalrship itself gets insulted. In any case, at least Domingo didn't
include any malicious lies in his personalistic excersizes -- unlike quite
a few others of my "determined followers".

All the best to you,


Vincent P. Story (vpstory@texas.net) wrote:
: On Tue, 10 Dec 96 22:54:10 GMT, agdndmc@showme.missouri.edu (Domingo
: Martinez-Castilla) wrote:

: Sir:  

: I think that you go too far when you posted the list of posting by mr.
: Kuchinsky.  I suppose these are public knowledge but they certainly
: were'nt intended to be used to denigrate a person.  I's like some one
: made a list of the letters you mailed and gave it to the F.B.I. to
: prove you were of a temperment to cause problems for them.  


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