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Re: Yuri's Credibility Problem

Domingo Martinez-Castilla (agdndmc@showme.missouri.edu) wrote:

: This is the first and last posting of mine on the topic of Mr Kuchisnky 
: "problem"  (I reserve the right to intervene in arch topics themselves). 
:  As far as I know, there are some poeple hanging around the sci.anthro 
: and sci.arch groups claiming many things.  Like Mr Kuchinsky, they are 
: "independent researchers" and, like him, they despise the academic way 
: of advancing knowledge  (I am avoiding "academic establishment" because 
: this wider term may include different  things to different people).  
: However, different from him, they do seem to do some fieldwork, albeit 
: producing widely doubted evidence of, say, 250 million year old coal 
: skulls.

Yes, Domingo, I'm not yet quite at the advanced and exalted level of Ed
Conrad. I'm sure I can learn a lot from his methodology... You're quite a
humourist yourself, aren't you? 

: Another similarity is that they are capable of causing the frequent 
: sprouting of controversial and personal-issues threads with their names 
: in the subject line (quite a feat! cf. sci.agriculture and, now, 
: sci.arch.mesoamerican), and actively intervening in them to clear all 
: the slander and mudslinging they are subjet to by their "enemies" (whose 
: purpose and motivation are rarely, if ever,  explicited).

: To the credit of Mr Kuchinsky, however, is the fact that he has recently 
: openly criticized other "independent researcher" in sci.anth.paleo.  (I 
: do not know anymore what the other "independent researcher" postings 
: say, because he has made my killfile).  This tells us that he can also 
: criticize non-academicians.

: More to the polymath's credit of Mr Kuchinsky, he writes intensively in 
: Usenet (and probably other media as well), and especially in this 
: mesoamerican group.  I have visited his home page

I'm quite honoured.

: and it is not, 
: I assure, you, like "any other" as he purports in his signature. 

Well, I take this as a compliment...

: There 
: is plenty of poetry and quotes of his own postings in Usenet, but I have 
: not seen anything related to his independent research. 

You'll find there quite a few things I've written about biblical history
and theology. This is my main field of reseach. All these have been
posted and discussed in specialist forums, where I've received generally
positive response. I've also written plenty that is not there, yet.
: No reasons are 
: give for this omission, and I do not want to speculate.  Following the 
: advise he gives in his home page, I went to Dejanews and made a search.

: DejaNews just reported me that the name Yuri Kuchinsky is responsible 
: for the following "slightly skewed" number of postings during this year  
: (you can figure the number of postings per day, hour, etc  Note the 
: absence of poetry and literature newsgroups.  I do not know what that 
: means but, as my analyst -a Ferudian of the old school- used to say: it 
: sure means something).

[the list on newsgroups snipped]

So, this is where I've been posting of late? Thanks for an update,
friend. But you've forgotten the listservs. They are not listed by
DejaNews, you know...



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