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Re: ancient corn

Robert St. James (stjames@best.com) wrote:

: > On the other hand, I have done quite a bit of research on precolumbian
: > maize in the Old World. The evidence in this area is persuasive. (Of :
> course we all appreciate the incredible creativity of native Americans
who : > developed this crop.) So do you think that mainstream mesoamerican
: > scholars "seem to tacitly assume that the original inhabitants of : >
Mesoamerica were incapable" of contributing this important agricultural :
> complex to the world before the "mighty Europeans" came and did it for :
> them? 

: I was referring not to mainstream researchers, but to wild-eyed New Age
: theories on the origin of Mesoamerican cultures. You have proof of this
: corn?


Do I have proof? Well, it depends on what you may call proof... But I
think I have some pretty good evidence! It's all on my webpage. Here're
some quotes: 


What are those Indian carvings all about? What kind of a "fruit" may these
goddesses be holding in their hands? 
Now I have the photos of these carvings available right here on my
webpage, and anyone who wishes can take a look at them for themselves.


So, Robert, this will take you directly to these black-and-white photos: 




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