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Re: Olmec emergence (was: American map on Phoenician coins?


I am curious.  What other contemporary culture of the time do you think
that the Olmec originated from?  

The popular argument of diffusionism to the Olmec culture is from the
Shang dynasty.  However, the basis for these arguments is that humans are
generally uninventive, and that inventions are only made once.  Also, if a
culture, like the Shang, diffused ideas into Mesoamerica, why did they not
diffuse great ideas like wheeled vehicles and writing?

This is the popular argument amongst diffusionists, like Betty Meggars, as
to the origins of the Olmec society.  Also, transatlantic crosses during
1200 & 1000 B.C also seem highly unlikely.

The established theory of the Olmec civilization among cultural
anthropologists, like Donald Proulx, is that the Olmecs evolved
independently of any of the North American, South American, European &
Asian cultures.

If I misunderstood your arguments with Bernard, sorry for the confusion.