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Re: how AZTLAN list violated its own guidelines

     I just wanted to add my own support for what John Hoopes has written 
about the problem Yuri had on Aztlan. I also confess that I sent a private 
message to the list owner based on what I had observed with Yuri's behavior 
on this newsgroup in face of the repeated and patient discussion many of 
the participants had tried to have with him over the months leading up to 
his appearance on Aztlan. In a newsgroup I can chose to open 
or not open communications from the participants. In a listserve, I get all 
them messages whether I want them or not. I most certainly did not want to 
put up with Yuri's posts endless posts, his need to create controversy, and 
his habit of flaming the people who tried to discuss issues with him.  As 
John commented, Mike Xu is still a member and contributor of Aztlan. It was 
Yuri's manners that got him thrown off Aztlan.

 Linda Schele