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Re: Maize origins [was re: "Corn" in medieval Europe]

In article <hmccullo.47.004E2A81@ecolan.sbs.ohio-state.edu>,
hmccullo@ecolan.sbs.ohio-state.edu (Hu McCulloch) wrote:

> This would be _Tacuinum Sanitatis_, by Ibn Botlan, d. c. 1068.  The 
> 1984 translation _The Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti_  is in 
> our rare books room, proxying for the original, I guess -- I'll have a
> look at it soon.

The Arab original is early, but I think the European versions are c. 14th
c., so they might well have illustrated maize if it was around, whether or
not the original actually described something that was maize. I'm pretty
sure they don't.

David Friedman