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Re: Old World maize: archaeological evidence? Yes!

Peter van Rossum (pmv100@psu.edu) wrote:
: In article <5e9shg$9sk$1@trends.ca> yuku@mail.trends.ca (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:


: >Well, he said "in any case not later than 1435" (see the full quote in my 
: >previous post).
: Here it is you who is misunderstanding the point.  You claimed he, "was 
: certain maize was in Kashmir before 1430."  If you read the primary material 
: you will see that he is confident that the *sherds* are older than 1435 A.D., 
: he is obviously less certain that the impressions on those sherds were made by 
: a Precolumbian maize cob. 

Well, I don't know about this, Peter. Here's that post of mine that 
started this thread. 

[begin quote]

And now, let's conclude with the evidence coming from some

      Vishnu-Mittre, (1966: 155) describing carbonized food grains
      and their impressions on potsherds from Kaundinyapar, an
      archaeological site in Madhya Pradesh, north India, wrote that
      "the evidence of maize in India is not in any case later than
      1435 AD.... and tends to establish its pre-Columbian age". (p.

Jeffreys adds,

      Maize cultivation did not start in Kashmir, and therefore it
      must have been cultivated elsewhere in Asia earlier still.

[end quote]

So I didn't misunderstand you at all. Vishnu-Mittre said exactly what I 
said he said...

All for a couple of minutes of cut and paste?

: In none of the articles I have read by 
: Vishnu-Mittre does he state that the case is in anyway unequivocally settled.  
: That is why your statement goes beyond what V-M actually says.

I don't think so...


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