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Re: Old World maize: archaeological evidence? Yes!

Steven Sohn (sasohn@worldnet.att.net) wrote:

: Old World maize is absolute poppycock. The "proofs" are as hollow as a
corncob : pipe! The whole thing evolves from the use of the word "corn" in
two respects in : Europe and in the U.S. We use it for maize, Europeans
use it to identify any : number of grain crops. The misleading information
comes in the translation of : documents that refer to grains as having
referred to "corn," which is not always : "maize." :  : All the rest is
window dressing and nonesense. 

I'm sorry to say, Steven, but you demonstrate here that you have not
followed this discussion that has already been going on for a few months.
The evidence for the antiquity of maize in the Old World is based
primarily on genetic, archaeological and linguistic evidence. Literary
evidence is also available. There're no mistranslations anywhere in sight. 
Get informed. 


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