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Re: AZTLAN list: who are the "American Isolationists"?

In article <E5ELGB.7J.0.queen@torfree.net> bg364@torfree.net (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
[sci.arch.meso deleted from followup.]
[Yuri's disagreement with the owner of the Aztlan list deleted.]
>In the course of discussions about the theories that early American
>societies may have received some influences from Asia, and vice
>versa, an opinion was expressed by me that the field of American
>prehistory is dominated at this time by certain scholars who can be
>described as "American Isolationists". These scholars see early
>America as the "Fortress America", a sort of a cultural laboratory
>where evolution of human societies can be studied in its "pure form".

I completely disagree with the opinion of whoever told you that archs. think 
its useful for New World not to have outside contacts so it can be seen as a 
cultural laboratory.  Archaeologists are trying to describe and explain human 
societies and their change over time.  If accurately fulfilling these goals 
necessitates looking at transpacific interactions then they should be 
included.  The problem is that at present there has been little solid, 
conclusive evidence that has been presented to indicate that any (much less 
significant) contacts occurred.  Many possibilities have been suggested but a 
careful reading seems to indicate that each is problematic for proving they 
are correct. Therefore, at present it seems premature to incorporate them as 
significant mechanisms for cultural adaptation and change. 

>No influences from anywhere should even be suggested. Any such
>suggestion is seen as a terrible and egregious violation of
>scholarly conventions -- an unforgivable transgression. 

This is just a complete mischaracterization of why most archaeologists
don't believe there were significant contacts (most don't believe it because 
they don't think strong enough evidence exists - look back over the past few 
months disagreements for examples.  Especially look at the Asian peanuts and 
South American chickens).  It is this sort of tiresome, inaccurate rhetoric 
which makes your objectivity very suspect.  Your constant use of strawmen 
argumentation is very tedious.

>Someone replied to me and said that there are no "American 
>Isolationists" in s.a.m. Well, I don't know... perhaps this was an 
>exaggeration. So, let me ask you this, ladies and gentlemen, Are there 
>"Isolationists" on Aztlan mailing list? Perhaps someone may know the 

As described above the simple answer is NO (at least none I'm aware of).