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Re: Ad Yurii Gloriam (Was Re: maize in ancient india: strong

In article <5cvonv$nmk$1@trends.ca> yuku@mail.trends.ca (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
>Oh, yes, here I can recognize Peter in all his glory. This is obviously
>his idea of how a civilized scholarly discussion should proceed. Do I need
>to say anything further? 

Civilized? Scholarly?  This from the man who has repeatedly demonstrated his 
unwillingness to even try to understand how archaeologists go about doing 
their research.     I have read every article you have cited, and have 
responded with reasons why I didn't think the cases you cited represented 
conclusive proof of contact.  You in turn have repeatedly mischaracterized the 
position of archaeologists who don't agree with you (claiming we're 
isolationists who don't think contact was even possible), and have repeatedly 
slagged about the term eurocentric when referring to people who don't agree 
with you, and rarely have the integrity to admit when you were incorrect.  And 
now you complain that people aren't being civilized - amazing.

Peter van Rossum