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Re: Ad Yurii Gloriam (Was Re: maize in ancient india: strong

> : > Peter van Rossum (pmv100@psu.edu) wrote:
> : > 
> : > : Well, Yuri you are actually changing your line a bit here.  Before you
> : > : seemed to be claiming that no one has specifically gone out looking
> : > : for corn cobs in India so none were found (at least that's how I and
> : > : many others interpreted your comments). 
> [Yuri:]
> : > Correct. I'm not changing my line. I'm saying that _if someone wanted to
> : > disprove Johannessen_, this is what they should do, i.e. look for corncobs
> : > in the settlements around Somnathpur temples. 
> : It has been pointed out numerous times to you that you
> : cannot look for negative evidence.
> Well, it looks like I have to explain some simple things to Thomas once 
> again. Elementary logic is not a strong suit of his...
In contrary, elementary logic is lost on you... 
Otherwise you wouldn't make all these unsubstantiated claims.
> You see, Thomas, if maize was a staple for those communities, as I
> claimed, and if archaeological research identified the staples consumed by
> these peoples, and failed to identify maize among them, this will disprove
> my thesis. Yes? 
You don't even see your own logical flaw.  It does not disprove
the thesis, it only makes it less likely.

> Which part of the above you find difficult to understand, Thomas?
> :  How are you going to find
> : a non-existant corn-cob?  Tell me that?
> So you already determined that corn-cobs are non-existent there? Did you
> do this through some voodoo rituals of divination, or something? Let me 
> in on the secret, please.
As a matter of fact, I do not know.  I only infer this from
the fact that until now, no Pre-columbian corn cob has been
found in Asia.  It does not proof there isn't, but the it makes
it quite unlikely.  Your thesis is bases on a few sculptures taken
out of context, pretty weak evidence.

> : So, let us assume the excavations there did not show any corn-cobs?
> : What would your answer be? 
> I will admit that I was wrong.
That would be a first.  You over and over argued that
the only reason no chicken bones have turned up in America
before Columbus is because archeologists have not been
looking in the right places. (if digging up household trash
dumps isn't the place to look for them, where else?)
Thus, you see why I followed up with the following sentence...

 > : You simply would say they didn't look in the right places.
> How come you're so great at predicting the future, Thomas? It must be 
> those voodoo divinations of yours...

How are you so sure about all your thesis,  must be some kind of
New Age Crystal ball magic...

I base my thinking on facts unlike you, and I easily change my mind 
if new facts come along, unlike you.