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Re: Yuri's Reluctance

Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:
> OTOH, if those invitations were made only to point out to me that I'm
> lacking in first-hand experience in archaeological fieldwork, I had no
> reason to reply to them. 

Why would you even think that?  You offered several comments 
suggesting a severe lack of knowledge about field methodology.  
People quite  generously offered to allow you to learn about field 
methods, first hand.
> I never claimed to be a professional
> archaeologist. My main fields of study are ancient history, the history of
> religions and cultures, and historical anthropology, among some others.

The last time I took course work in archaeology, it was 
part of the Anthropology department.  Cultural anthropology, 
historical anthropology, and comparative religions were required 
courses for a degree.  It would appear that many archaeologists 
have been schooled in and are knowledgeable about these subjects, 
among some others.  
> If some of our archaeologists don't need any insights that can be gained
> from the study of these disciplines, this will only point to their
> shortsightedness.