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Re: Peter's logical fallacies

yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:

>Peter van Rossum (pmv100@psu.edu) wrote:

>: Marc, Yuri has already been invited on two separate occasions by 
>: archaeologists (myself and Paul Pettennude) to join us in the field.
>: He never responded which I take to be a clear sign of his unwillingness

>How nice of you, Peter. I know you like me so much.



Just for curiositys sake, Yuri, why didn't you respond to either invitation to
go into the field with real archaeologists? I know I'd jump at such a chance if
I could afford it. Aside from this being very odd  behavior, it was extremely
rude on your part. All your philosophical arguments will not cancel out your
acts of pure rudeness. If you couldn't afford to go, you could have simply said
so. I'm sure they would have understood. But, for you to assume that they were
inviting you for some kind of evil reason makes absolutely no sense at all.
Don't you want to learn about field trips and digs in person? It sounds like a
real blast to me, hard work and all. What a chance to really learn first hand.
You remind me of the so-called archaeologists in Asimov's Foundation series
who do all their research from old books and shudder at the idea of actual field
work. Armchair archaeology is interesting, but it's not the real thing.

So, what was your reason for not even responding, as well as not going? If you
refuse to answer this, whatever reputation you have left in these newsgroups is
going to sink below sea level.

MIchelle Malkin