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Re: Peter's logical fallacies

Don Judy (hsaller@epix.net) wrote:

: > Also, I'm far -- very far indeed -- from making a claim that just because
: > certain evidence was not found by archaeologists, therefore we can make
: > such and such conclusions -- either about the archaeologists as a group,
: > or about the theories that the above evidence was meant to prove (or
: > disprove). This is a mistake in logic that 1st year students should know
: > about. Apparently Peter hasn't yet progressed to that stage... 

: > Meanwhile, the substance of the argument is ignored through obfuscation. 
: > Good work, Peter. You proved once again that propaganda does work.  And
: > yet, in the hope that you still have some honesty left in you, I post the
: > following helpful file that analyses the above fallacies in detail. 

: You mean like continually repeating a big lie, (excuse me, wild
extrapolation) : then listing the particulars as if they were facts and
implying that because : there were so many listed, fallacious or not,
there must be some truth : involved? Referring here to your "smoking gun"
reasoning and your followup : list of same that you claimed implied
validity to your ideas because you : listed so many things. 


Please indicate where and when I did any of the above things? I think your
charges are unfair. 

I'm presenting valid scholarly research in these ngs, and there's a lot of
opposition to these theories. I encourage people to present valid
criticism, because this is the only way scholarship can progress. I also
was the target of many ad hominem attacks. I'm not surprised to see them,
as, for a number of reasons, this subject matter is quite controversial.
Yet I hope my critics observe minimal standards of fairness and
objectivity. Often this has not been the case.


: Hoping that's negative enough for one whose actions are so different
from : their stated concerns;

Yes, your message conveys your negativity quite adequately.

: at one time after visiting your homepage I thought you : were an
interesting person with real concerns and ideas about humanity...I now :
see that those are just a feeble attempt at utilizing the bandwagon

Well, it sure seems like my "bandwagon" is a bandwagon of one, as not
much support for my research has been evident in these ngs. Yet I do have
friendly people writing to me privately. They tell me that they are
intimidated from posting publicly because of fierce opponents who
predominate in the ngs. I fully understand their concerns.

I will not be intimidated by the gangs of dogmatists who clearly want to
stifle all discussion of these important matters.

Best regards,


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