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Re: Ancient World FAQs

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997 16:39:58, joe@sfbooks.com (Joe Bernstein) posted a
post that included the following:

<<< Well, the field is VASTLY bigger than this!  To start with, we need
pointers to basic denunciations of Velikovsky and Sitchin, if only out of
respect for the Great Kooks of Yore.  I trust the recent debates with Mr. 
Kuchinsky have resulted in considerable refinement of the
inter-hemisphere diffusion arguments, suitable for FAQ usage? >>>

I have no idea, Joe.
Meanwhile, I would like to bring it to your attention that Mr.
Kuchinsky has not yet been conclusively demonstrated to belong in
the select company of the likes of Velikovsky and Sitchin --
certainly not for the lack of trying by a number of concerned
parties. Any other cheap shots you wish to take?
Yes, I have posted much careful research to back up claims made by
a number of respected scholars in regard to trans-Pacific exchange
of cultural and technological ideas, as well as of certain
domesticated plants, in antiquity. As all of the material I posted
came from solid peer-reviewd academic publications, you clearly
demonstrate your utter contempt for scholarship, itself, by
insinuating things that you do.
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