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Re: Ad Yurii Gloriam (and Adios Yuri)

Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:

> Illogicality. Argumentum ex silentio. Apparently he NEVER tires of it!

Similar to how you never tire of invoking the mantra
of "Argumentum ex silentio" without backing up the claim
that this mantra means anything?  Especially when
Peter stated: "We have not claimed that we know for 
sure that they didn't happen, we have only said that at 
present this hypothesis has not been confirmed (it can never be 
completely disproved)."

Repitition (argumentum ad nauseum) of your claim of Argumentum 
ex silencio does not make something true.  Just because
you read something on a web page does not make it true,
logical, or scientific. 

August Matthusen