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Re: maize in Europe and India: a twisted tale

In article <5b6l3k$g16@news1.io.org> yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
>Those intriguing findings were published 30-20 years ago, and apparently
>no one bothered to investigate them further. So what does this tell us? 
>No, it's not a conspiracy (perish the thought!), but it seems like the
>lack of interest in confirming or disproving those old findings of Indian
>maize pollen is indicative of academic lethargy and inertia at least to a
>certain degree. 

Whine, whine, piss, moan.  I got a theory you verify it.  Give me a break.

If you want to complain about academic lethargy why don't you lay it
where it belongs - at the feet of Jett, Carter, Jeffreys, Johannessen &
Parker.  They're the ones claiming they have a valid theory so why don't
they go about designing a project to test it against the archaeological
record?  All they need is one stinking corn cob which they can radiocarbon
date to give their theory some solid archaeological support.  Talk about
your lazy researchers - they've been rehashing this crap of 30+ years and
still have yet to put some trowels in the ground.

Peter van Rossum