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New Diffusion Bibliography

I just got an announcement of a new edition of the John L. 
Sorenson and Martin H. Raish annotated bibliography, 
_Pre-Columbian Contact with the Americas across the Oceans_.

The ad says it has 1500 new listings since the original 1990 edition
(40% new material), an abstract for every item, a new index,
and has deleted 1250 old listings of least value.

Covers literature in a dozen languages, drawing from anthropology,
archaeology, art history, ethnobotany, ethnozoology, folklore, geography, 
lingistics, nautical history, and more.  Both pro and con literature is 

Comes with a coupon for a free disk with complete text compatible with
Windows or Mac.

Durable cloth binding, quality paper.  2 volumes, 1211 pages.  Retail
$89.95 for set.  Order from Research Press, PO Box 7113 University
Station, Provo Utah 84602-7113.  Phone (800) 327-7615.  
Fax (801) 373-5342.

-- Hu McCulloch
   Econ Dept.
   Ohio State U.