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Re: maize in ancient india: strong transpacific links are indicated

August Matthusen (matthuse@ix.netcom.com) wrote:
: Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:
: > 
: > burglin@ubaclu.unibas.ch wrote:
: > 
: > : The simple fact that nobody ever looks at the followup
: > : refutations.
: > 
: > : Domingo Martinez Castilla : has done a very nice post of ALL
: > literature.  : (I had read the Nature letters, but hadn't had time to
: > track them : down).  : Here is the reply to the first Nature
: > correspondence.  : in it are two pictures, one of where you never would
: > ever : come up with the idea that this could be corn at all.
: > 
: > : Payak and Sachan 1988 "Maize in Somnathpur, an Indian medioeval temple",
: > : Nature 335: 773-774
: > 
: > Thomas,
: > 
: > I'm not sure if I understand you correctly, but it seems that you found
: > some pictures that don't look like maize?
: > 
: > I really don't see the significance of this... As you may already know by
: > now, there are hundreds of such carvings in many temples. So some of them
: > don't look like maize? Is this surprising?
: > 
: > Isn't the fact that _many_ of them look _very much_ like maize more
: > relevant?
: About as relevant as the fact that hundreds (thousands?) of 
: Indian statues show people with six arms.

Now, now August.  You *know* that all carvings, statues, pictures
and legends are in fact true depictions.  It is only the narrow
minds of the professionals that do not recognize this.  We *know*
that blood can fall from the sky, many medieval chronicles testify
to this (though, as Dominic Green would point out, they omitted 
noting the blood type).  We *know* that giants existed.  Statues
of them are fairly wide spread.  And we *know* that one-footed
men existed as well, we have drawings.

How can any person with a rational mind ignore this?

The IAC has carefully surpressed all this knowlege.  And, thanks
to Yuri and his fellow-thinkers, it is all leaking out.

    ----- Paul J. Gans   [gans@scholar.chem.nyu.edu]

PS:  sarcasm does not work well over the internet, but I often
     can not resist.  Now go back and re-read what I wrote before
     you flame me.