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Re: maize in Europe and India: a twisted tale

Non-Indians have always tried to devalue the impact of Native Americans
upon the rest of the world.  Case in point--noted botanists believe in
Asia place of origin for corn--You know them indians couldn't do
anything right!!!!!!!It takes a non-Indian to accomplish anything.  

Now then, about the Yuchi--They did not come from India.  Their oral
history relates their arrival from an island.  Their language is related
to Cherokee (although the Yuchi are also considered to be a language
isolate).  The long "E" ending of many American tribal names means
PEOPLE, reflecting the linguistic commonality of many tribes.
These people left an island in the Caribbean to Georgia then to
If you are interested I would be happy to relay the information
regarding this tribe to you.  

They did not come from India, although this would explain why you call
them Indians!