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Large bibliography of transocenic contact (forwarded)

Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 10:03:04 ECT
Subject: Re: Ge: Africans in Taino Cuba
Sender: Pre-Columbian History <AZTLAN@ULKYVM.LOUISVILLE.EDU>
To: Multiple recipients of list AZTLAN <AZTLAN@ULKYVM.LOUISVILLE.EDU>
Comments: Resent-From: Martin Raish <PACAL@BINGVMB.cc.binghamton.edu>

Regarding this topic:

>Why should one be so quick to disregard or discount a pre-columbian
>African connection? To most reasonable people the jury is still out
>as to cross ocean  connections.



I have no desire to start any argument, but this seems an
appropriate opportunity to announce the availability of a
bibliography that should be valuable to anyone interested
in the subject of pre-Columbian trans-oceanic travel.

Just published: the second edition of _Pre-Columbian
Contact with the Americas Across the Oceans: An Annotated
Bibliography_ by John L. Sorenson and myself.

This includes nearly 5,000 entries (40% new to this edition)
from fields such as anthropology, archaeology, art history,
ethnobotany, folklore, linguistics, and history, all of which
are accompanied by annotations.  The two-volume set also has
an excellent index of some 1400 terms.

The bibliography makes no claim to prove anything one way or
the other.  But it does bring together the largest number of
relevant articles, books, and conference reports ever compiled
in a single work.  As David Kelly (Univ. of Calgary) said:
"Nobody can afford to offer an opinion no this subject from now
on without having carefully studied this work."

Available from Research Press, P.O. Box 7113, University Station,
Provo  UT  84602

1200 pages   $89.00

-- Martin

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