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Re: Enough is enough...

All, this is not direct at any one person - this is a general post -
general comments.

By the way, what is the purpose of "archaeology"?

Is it to prove beyond a doubt?  Is it to have theories?  Then once we
have the information (more than data), what on earth will we do with
it?  Most of us couldn't sell it.  Gues it has some value in books,
scholls, etc.  But not real viable product in the sense of commerce or
world good.

I think there are more that one purpose.  Some professionals seem to
want proof beyond a doubt.  Some others enjoy the theory(s) that csome
out of searching.

So, depending on who you are there is a difference.  And this drives the

I think both sides are of value in this news group.  The pros come out
with the fact and the rest have their wilde(or true) ideas.  Then each
of use can use the data/information as we see fit.

It really boils down to the fact that if you didn't enjoy (to some
degree) this newsgroup you would have tuned out a long time ago.  I must
serve some purspoe

Years ago the net was for the pros only.  Then we hit the information
age and all of us non pros jumped in.  Yes things aren't as pure but
maybe new ideas and approaches will come out.

Just soemthings rambling to think about.

For all of you who read this, have a great day.


Paul E. Pettennude wrote:
> Richard,
> Bless you for your comments.  As a field archaeologist I have grown tired
> of the nonsense permeating this news group.  Aside from the fact that my
, they keep coming up and coming
> up like an upset stomach.
> Most believers in "fanstastic archaeology" have no understanding of the
> complex cultures which existed on the American continents prior to the
> Europeans' arrival.  There were an estimated 90 million people living in
> the New World at that time with cultures going back well into 7000 BC.
> Civilization here was far ahead of most of the rest of the world and no
> amount of contact could have improved it.
> Paul