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Re: Denial and method (It was Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.))

Domingo Martinez-Castilla wrote:
> In article <32C5DCFE.29E3@lynx.bc.ca>, jirimruzek@lynx.bc.ca wrote:
> >
> >No matter what? My case (of my findings) is different. I have been
> >begging for factual criticism of my findings on prehistoric Science-Art
> >for the longest time. Yet there never was any. Incredible, what with all
> >the freaks of debunking everywhere? If I should be wrong - it would be
> >sad.
> Jiri, do not jump on one like that.  You almost scared me!

Startled by a sudden jolly cob-web sweeping jolt? 

> My message was related to a thread about chickens in pre-Columbian America.

 And mine to those in sci.archy, and sci.math..
> I have no idea of your theory and, honestly, went to your site and 
> could not get > started (I am good at math, just in case), because 
> there is no basic statement  of the problem, ...

Sure there is. Basically, it says that it is possible to encode
exact ideas in art. After all, it was done by the ancients (first).

> as well as your methodology and objectives, and I could not
> see any hypothesis.  

You sound like Maathusen a lot, but at least you didn't get a headache,
when visiting my site. We don't have too much space here, but would
geometric "reconstruction" from given clues, and "reverse engineering" 
ring a bell?  You deem those theoretically possible?

> It seems you have put a lot of work in all those
> drawings. (I have not read all you have put, nor analyzed any of your
> pictures.  I am not interested in the topic as of yet.)

"nor analyzed any of your pictures" ? There is the solution to your
lack of comprehension. 

> I believe your post is a little off-topic now, but of course you could start
> your own thread.  I recommend alt.archaeology.

You are particularly kind, but this group is ideal for loons as crazy 
as me - the only true loon voice here. If you want to be free of
my contagious presence, I recommend you to sci.arch moodaerated. 
There you can frolic freely as a peer.
> >But even sadder is that the "experts" are utterly unable to point out
> >just where my errors are.
> >Hence I am a truly lost case, as there is no
> >helping me.
> >So, I try helping myself, see my work through the dark glasses of
> >skepticism. Although not stupid, I fail to see what I have done wrong.
> Perhaps you have to make things easier for the reader?

I try. But think of it this way. If I were able to detect deliberate
geometric order in the said art without help, how does your effort 
at comprehension of this order look in view of all those graphical 
exposes of underlying geometrical regularities provided by me as
extra help? Pretty shabby?  Oh well..

> <big snip>

> >Seasoned regards, and may 1997 preserve your wits
> >while you face the Nasca Monkey.
> You ever been at Nasca?  Last year, some Mormon boys (form both the US and
> Peru)  almost defaced a  part of the Nasca lines. I do not know how the thing
> ended up, but it seemed like Utah offered a lot of money to try to fix the
> mess.  

Too much hamburger flesh consumption reflects not only in 
the belligerency of US foreign policy, but also in the desert. 
Just look at Dunking John.. one lone voice can do a lot of damage,
when screaming like Pavarotti in BC Place stadium last week (Dec.31/1996).

> After that, the earthquake, but luckily the lines are in an relatively
> flat area where they did not sustain any damage. 

Those Ancients were pretty wise, as to where to draw, no?
Wonder if it was purely accidental..

 The grand old lady of Nasca,
> Maria Reiche, did OK at the hotel where she lives.
> Regards,
> Domingo.

You mean she is alive and well at about a hundred years of age,
and eighty years of vegetarianism?  I'm sure, she would enjoy
my geometric analysis of the Nasca Monkey. Perhaps someone
could tell her? If I had her mailing address, I would send her
my complete Nasca Monkey report, which is only partially available
on the web at this time.