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Re: Atawallpa was no chicken (An Apology to Richard)

In article <5abbv8$pdf@news1.io.org> yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
>Richard Fedrick (rfedrick@msn.com) wrote:
>: if he did he would know that the absolute opposite is the 
>: case: the epoch-making, nobel prize-winning scientific discovery is 
>: what every researcher dreams of...
>Answer me this: Why nobody knew about the very early Amazonian pottery --
>the earliest pottery in America -- for nearly 20 years after it was

Yuri, it is true that these early dates weren't widely known among 
archaeologists for quite a while.  It is also true that these early dates tend 
to cast doubt on Meggars, et al.'s claims of a Jomon-Valdivia ceramic link. 

So *if* (and I strongly emphasize the word "if" since I wouldn't be so bold 
as to presume to know the motives of Meggars et al.) anyone was doing some 
covering up it was the person(s) on the diffusionist side of that debate.

  Where did the information first come to light for a wider archaeological 
  audience?  Was it from a diffusionist source or was it from a source in 
  the mainstream archaeological community?

  It was from the mainstream archaeological community.

That's why I agree with Richard when he said:
>:[snip] such is the scientific method. it may sometimes be  slow, but it 
>Your obvious bigotry certainly makes me very _sceptical_ that you possess
>even a little of this "enlightened scepticism" that you preach about.

Ah, yes Richard is obviously a Bigot, just like I'm obviously an Ethnocentric 
Racist, just like Jonathan Sauer is a Biased Plant Geographer.  Who gets added
to the list next?

Peter van Rossum