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Re: Atawallpa was no chicken (An Apology to Richard)

Richard Fedrick (rfedrick@msn.com) wrote:

: of all yuri's paranoias the one that i find most laughable is his 
: idea that the academic community is engaged in a conspiracy to 
: "suppress the evidence".


: he clearly has no experience of academic 
: research -


: if he did he would know that the absolute opposite is the 
: case: the epoch-making, nobel prize-winning scientific discovery is 
: what every researcher dreams of...

Answer me this: Why nobody knew about the very early Amazonian pottery --
the earliest pottery in America -- for nearly 20 years after it was

Awaiting your reply with great interest...

: it ensures him fame and status for 
: life! the very thought that one might be the person to turn accepted 
: orthodoxy on its head is enough to make any scientist weak at the 
: knees. unfortunately very few (newton, darwin, einstein... ) are so 
: lucky.

: what yuri fails to appreciate is that it is "enlightened scepticism" 
: which fosters the best environment for research - it ensures that 
: evidence is sifted with care and diligence, and requires that a truly 
: convincing case be made before the scientific community accepts the 
: revised version. such is the scientific method. it may sometimes be 
: slow, but it works.

Your obvious bigotry certainly makes me very _sceptical_ that you possess
even a little of this "enlightened scepticism" that you preach about.

Have a good day,

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appears white is really black, if the hierarchy of the 
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