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Lets change the name here.

Great idea. Let us change the name of this NG to Yuri....

Why do you experts continue to argue with this nut? Just take a look at
the strings here. Every one is a response to, or by, him. I first began to
read this NG because of my amateur interests in Maya. Now all I get is his
second-hand research, and responses by well-meaning pros who try to
correct him. It will never happen. The man is a True Beliver and his mind
cannot be changed from the idee fixe which has taken hold in there. So
why, ladies and gentlemen, continue butting your collective heads against
the stones of unthinkingness. 
But I ask you all again. Take a look at what this NG has become. Nothing
but diatribe, diatribe and more of the same.


Michael Paine
Mit der Dummheit kampfen Gotter selbst vergebens.