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Re: maize in ancient India: transpacific links (cont.)

Milo Gardner (gardnerm@gaia.ecs.csus.edu) wrote:
: Yuri speaks of maize as the best leading indictor that he can
: imagine. Well, I can offer zero being given to India ,as the
: Vedic texts list Maya. 

: If the Maya reference in India is well known in other situations,
: I'd like to particularly cite a Historia Mathematica journal
: 'reviews of papers' submitted by Dr. Gupta, on or about Feb. 1994.
: In that article a Ph.D. candidate was researching the history of
: the symbol zero - not the concept that clearly goes back
: to 1800 BC (Egypt, the RMP and Babylon, Plimpton Tablet).


It would be helpful if you provided the exact citation, and more details
about this article.

I have already mentioned that the work of David H. Kelley (DECIPHERING THE
MAYAN SCRIPT, 1976) was very important in establishing the connections
between the Mayan and the Indian zodiacs/calendars/day names. Another big
name is Paul Kirchhoff. 


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