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Re: Atawallpa was no chicken (It was Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.))

it is not others who are simple-minded yuri, it is you. you are also 
irritating, tedious, ill-informed and stubborn. why do we have to put 
up with your endless ramblings in this newsgroup? you have expressed 
some opinions on a range of subjects in which you are merely an 
interested amateur - and your opinions have been reviewed, and mostly 
uniformly rejected, by the bona fide experts who generously take the 
time to contribute here. now is the time to desist gracefully, (a) to 
avoid making a complete fool of yourself (but it's probably too late 
for that now), and (b) to show some courtesy to the rest of us who 
are getting pretty pissed off with your ceaseless drivel.

most of us who listen in to this newsgroup are like you, just 
interested amateurs. we come here to listen and learn from informed 
experts, not to argue with them from a position of obstinate 
ignorance. i notice from your web page that your real area of 
interest (and possibly even expertise for all i know) is mythology - 
why can't you just go and find (or found) a newsgroup called 
something like alt.speculation.fairy_tales and leave the rest of us 
in peace.

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