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Re: maize in Europe and India: a twisted tale

Piotr Michalowski (piotrm@umich.edu) wrote:

: I have no expertise in this matter, but have been following this thread
of and : on.  I have one simple question that goes along with the above
statement.  If : corn (maize) were to have been introduced into the "Old
World" at such an : early date, would it not have spread rapidly and been
in wide use since, as it : did when it was definitely introduced after
Columbus & Co?  If such a thing : had happened, we certainly would have
evidence for widespread use of such a : plant, conspiracy or no--am I
correct in this assumption? 


You want historical and linguistic evidence for the wide spread of corn in
the Old World before Columbus? Then check out the article in MAN ACROSS
THE SEA. If you cannot access this, then you can find my synopsis of this
in these ngs. I'm posting another installment today.


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