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Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.)

On 28 Dec 1996 21:03:41 GMT, yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:

>Peter van Rossum (pmv100@psu.edu) wrote:
>: Yuri, how is a question of personalities to ask you why you believe that
>: archaeologists have either missed or covered up the finding of Precolumbian
>: South American chicken bones? 
>I will explain this for you and Doug very slowly, using only short and
>easily understood words, so there's no misunderstanding. Obviously your
>introduction to scholarly methodology may have a few lacunae (oops, a
>complicated word, better look it up in the dictionary), for you to ask
>for this explanation.
>It is not my "belief" that we are talking about here. I'm simply quoting
>George F. Carter who suggested this theory. 

Then who wrote this that I found in a post of yours? Looks like you, not

">Now, to address the point that has been brought up umpteen times already. 
">Namely, why we have no bones? Could archaeologists miss or disregard or
">(heaven forbid!) cover up some important evidence such as this?
">Indeed! You may have followed the discussion we had earlier, months ago,
">about the Amazing Vanishing Amazonian pottery. (Details available on my
">webpage, or from old posts. See John Hoopes, ed, THE EMERGENCE OF POTTERY,
">1995, re: the work of Anna Roosevelt.) Some amazingly early _solid_
">pottery evidence has "vanished" unaccountably for nearly 20 years -- until
">very recently! Yes, strange things like this can happen in archaeology, 
">it seems... 
">So how possible is it for some important evidence to be disregarded, or
">"to vanish"? I dunno... 

Then, in a (non) reply to me, you said:
">Douglas Weller (dweller@ramtops.demon.co.uk) wrote:
">: Yuri, on what grounds do you think that chicken bones may have been
"present at
">: sites but not found? You've accused me of being ill-informed, will you
">: tell us about your personal experience of excavation that leads you to
">: this is likely over a large number of sites?  Because from MY experience,
">: seems so unlikely as to be virtually impossible.
">Well, lots of people thought lots of things impossible until they were
">proven to be true...

Now you are saying you have no opinions on this and are just quoting Carter.
That isn't the way I read what you have said, but I'm sure you'll say I can't
read properly. (I'll never understand how you can insult people and then say
no one should bring personalities into this discussion).

> Any complains about
>insufficient understanding of the professionalism and diligence, whatever,
>of archaeologists should be directed to him.

I can't find the quote from Carter you mention, but I assume you are now
saying that other than your faith in Carter you have no reason to think that
chicken bones would have been overlooked, 'hidden', etc. Right?

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