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No Subject

Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:

  "Perhaps if archaeologists were really seriously looking for chicken
  they could be found, and then we shall have the irrefutable proof.
Such is
  not in evidence yet, agreed."

This was not a quote from Carter; it is your statement.  Are 
you saying now you didn't write this?  Upon what did you base 
this allegation if not personal experience? 

> My _personality_, and/or my _personal_ experience of excavations are
> completely irrelevant here. I will not descend to your level and engage in
> a personalistic squabble as you two, and quite a few others, so fervently
> desire. I have more important things to do, i.e. scholarship.

In other words, you can't back up the above statement with 
any personal experience.  If you don't have personal experience,
it appears to relegate this allegation to the status of a belief 
without observational evidence.  If I'm wrong, please advise.

> I hope this explanation is of some help,

No, not really.  This is the second time I've seen you use
this type of "I'm only quoting someone else" statement in 
an attempt to refuse responsiblity for material that you have 
posted.  If you are not responsible for what you post, then 
who is?  Why post it, if you don't stand behind it?

August Matthusen