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Re: chicken in America: from Asia? (cont.)

Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:
> Peter van Rossum (pmv100@psu.edu) wrote:
> : Yuri, how is a question of personalities to ask you why you believe that
> : archaeologists have either missed or covered up the finding of Precolumbian
> : South American chicken bones?
> Peter,
> I will explain this for you and Doug very slowly, using only short and
> easily understood words, so there's no misunderstanding. Obviously your
> introduction to scholarly methodology may have a few lacunae (oops, a
> complicated word, better look it up in the dictionary), for you to ask
> for this explanation.
> It is not my "belief" that we are talking about here. I'm simply quoting
> George F. Carter who suggested this theory. Any complains about
> insufficient understanding of the professionalism and diligence, whatever,
> of archaeologists should be directed to him. As all your other
> emotion-laden appeals for more respect for archaeologists and their
> expertise.

I'm a bit puzzled, Yuri.

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