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Re: maize in ancient India: transpacific links (cont.)

Peter van Rossum (pmv100@psu.edu) wrote:
: In article <5a3gjb$o93@news1.io.org> yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) writes:
: >These are the full implications of this maize evidence. A better smoking
: >gun I could not imagine...
: >Yuri.

: Again, wouldn't you consider a real Precolumbian corn cob in an Old
: World context a better piece of evidence than a scultpured form which
: is subject to interpretation? 

Not necessarily a _better_ piece of evidence.

: If not, why not?

Because these _nearly photographic_ and _extremely realistic_ carvings,
of which there's _great many_ are a sufficient piece of evidence in and of
themselves. I would put them on the same level as actually finding an
actual corn-cob.

: If so, why have no such 
: remains ever been reported from Old World contexts?

Argumentum ex silentio. A common fallacy.


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