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Re: maize in ancient india: strong transpacific links are indicated

In article <59ua4m$na4@news1.io.org>, yuku@io.org says...
>Well, ladies and gentlemen, some of you may have followed these
>discussions about trans-Pacific diffusion of cultural traits and
>other things for a while. Did the people of Asia and America
>communicate with each other across the ocean before Columbus? What
>about those ancient sailors?
In his book "The Secret" the late Dr. Joseph Mahan presented the same sort 
of evidence plus more.  He was researching the Yuchi indians (formally of 
Georgia now in NE Oklahoma).  He was trying to find evidence for 
suggestions in Yuchi lore that they were late arrivals to North America.  
THey are said to have come from India by way of the Mediterranean region. 
Mahan noted the same art work as Yuri mentions.  Also he found growing in 
isolated valleys of the Himalayan foothills a strange small white corn 
that the Yuchi still grow.

Mahan's book is hard to find, but worth reading if you can find a copy.

Bart Torbert

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