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Re: maize in ancient india: strong transpacific links are indicated

On 28 Dec 1996 16:00:09 GMT, yuku@io.org (Yuri Kuchinsky) wrote:

>Douglas Weller (dweller@ramtops.demon.co.uk) wrote:
>: What evidence? Your maize, which is supposedly only a few hundred years
>before : Columbus
>. But if you _only_ read carefully
>the material I posted, you will find something about the corn and the
>Boddgaya Temple that is dated to 1 c. BCE. Listening to your opponents,
>though, is something that is probably not a part of your regular routine,
>Doug. Well, it's never too late to learn... Perhaps your credibility will
>only benefit if you don't make such obvious comprehension errors as this

I've dealt with your libel in another post. (Glad to see you aren't dealing in
personalities, by the way). I'm sorry I missed this, it was a genuine
oversight.  I still wouldn't call it thousands of years before Columbus

>: And that is supposedly your best shot, and even that in
>no way : proves the existence of any significant traffic. 
>Well, this maize stuff proves the existence of some significant traffic,
>for sure. Since cultural, mythological, and ritual details apparently
>diffused to Asia from America along with the maize, we must postulate a
>number of trips, and a significant number of people coming across as a
>corollary to Johannessen's thesis. This was much more than a couple of
>shipwrecked sailors, it seems. 

Then there should be some clear archaeological evidence. That's all we need.
All the other is just assumption.
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