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Re: Yuri's smoking guns (was: Testing Gourd Diffusion?

On Wed, 25 Dec 1996, rus n sheptak wrote:

> In article <59pr9e$n5h@news1.io.org>, Yuri Kuchinsky <yuku@io.org> wrote:
> >: >rus n sheptak (rus@world.std.com) wrote:

> >Well, I've just wasted more than an hour looking for this mythical
> >discussion in DejaNews and could not find anything. Thanks for sending me
> >on a wild goose chase, friend... 
> Well, the discussion did take place.  I'm not the only one to post on its 
> existence, but I apologize for sending you on what appeared to you to be
> a wild goose chase, and I apologize for the incompleteness of DejaNews, with
> which I have no connection.  It just points out how much we take for
> granted about the Internet...Can anyone find an archive of this discussion
> for Yuri?

I also remember a similar discussion taking place (though it was more 
than one year ago). The DejaNews I accessed only had articles going back 
about a year and a half. If discussion of maize in India that I recall 
was approximately two years ago. Peter has already one of the articles 
that critiques this approach. There was also one in Nature if I recall 
correctly, but I can't remember when it was published. I will look for it 
sometime after the first of the year.

Jeff Baker